Desert Rose Farm Stall – Our humble beginning..

Sonia Boltman identified the opportunity to start the farm stall back in June 2007. Construction of the main building was completed during September and Desert Rose farmstall started selling fresh farm produce from suppliers in the Swartland area.

Later Sonia decided to expand Desert Rose to offer meals including breakfast, lunch and various other food items. Desert Rose quickly became an “oasis” on the N7 offering travelers and locals a wide selection of items on the menu. As Desert Rose became popular among local and international travelers, a range of gifts was added to the product range in the shop. Today the gift shop offer clients a wide range of locally made gifts.

Clients will also find a range of fresh food products available. These products are locally made and include traditional sauces, jams, spices and biltong to name a few.

Desert Rose cultivate it’s own vegetables which are freshly served with meals.

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